End the revolving door of employee turnover

The task and cost of employee turnover is one of the most discussed, most frustrating and most misunderstood dilemmas organizations face. Entrepreneurs have recognized employee retention together of the key issues in 2005. However organizations carry on to struggle with this costly situation. The science of psychological assessments has advanced, allowing the development of a great deal more predictive evaluation instruments.

If you do not understand what your employee turnover cost is, many authorities agree that you may come remarkably close to the cost of just one turnover episode by multiplying the annual wage for the position moments 2.5 that will protect efficiency reduction, recruiting and hiring cost, training cost, obligation, unemployment and another 101 hidden costs that we often try not to think about when we lose an employee.

Staff return usually begins with a poor hiring decision. We’ve already started an almost inevitable course that’ll end with failure and another return injury, when we hire someone who is just a poor job match. Part of the problem of poor hiring lies with this poor tools: One comprehensive review of the hiring process indicated that, if an interview is your only tool, you have only a 14% possibility of making a great hire. Put great reference checking (and we all understand how hard that can be), you can increase your success rate to 26%. Should you desire to discover additional info on dot drug testing, we recommend tons of resources you can investigate. You will need better tools, if your goal is to beat one out of four possibilities!

Luckily, the science of worker assessments has produced increasingly useful tools to increase the-art of hiring. While no assessment, or even a mixture of tests, guarantees success, the same study showed that use of capabilities, personality, interests, and job related procedures may increase your success rate to 75% or better. Similarly crucial, logical pre work screening analysis tools in all of the parts can be requested well below 1% of the projected cost of the bad hire.

Why dont more of us use employee tests to improve our hiring (and lower return)? Part of the solution lies in lack of education on the subject very few of us have also attended an individual workshop on use of medical analysis tools. Part lies in unwillingness to spend anything on new functions. Part of it, seriously, is the already overwhelming load we place on the individuals who are doing the hiring they’re so busy bailing the boat, they cant take some time out to turn on the bilge pumps! To change the course of return, you must recognize that the charges are killing you, that you can change course, and that the benefits are well worth the trouble.

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